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This is ( your call ), your net control for W3SAT and the Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network, otherwise known as SATERN. This net meets every Tuesday evening at 8:00pm on the W3PGH repeater with a frequency of 146.610 and if necessary a tone of 131.8. This repeater is operated by the Greater Pittsburgh VHF Society, and this net is for the purpose of a training drill.

The SATERN HF net meets daily at 11:00am local time on 14.265 mhz

At this time if there is any emergency or priority traffic, please call W3SAT.


Now, I would like to read the following statement of purpose so everyone listening has an idea of what we accomplish. SATERN is a core of amateur radio volunteers who united themselves with the disaster services program of the Salvation Army. This group provides the Salvation Army with a nucleus of their communication support system in the event of an emergency. The primary objectives of SATERN are:

  1. To develop and maintain a core of amateur radio operators skilled to handle traffic and communications and to assist the Salvation Army during times of disaster.
  2. Assist in training other Salvation Army personnel to access and use the resource of Amateur radio for local, regional, national, and international disasters
  3. Development of training materials and exercises designed to enhance the use of Amateur radio within the Salvation Army Disaster services program.

Any licensed amateur radio operator is eligible to serve as a volunteer member of the SATERN team. Volunteers may belong to RACES, ARES, SKYWARN, or any local amateur radio club.

If you need to contact us, we are the
Salvation Army Emergency Disaster Services
825 Parish St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
our phone number is area code(412)-922-4808

This is ( your call ) for the SATERN net, I will now call the roll of current active members as I have it and when you check in, please state if you have any comments or traffic for the net.

KB3WEScall w3satMichael ReimerDirector
K3ASIcall w3satBrian
K3RGYcall w3satFrank Mramor
KA3IYIcall w3satDon
KB1CKFcall w3satMichael Koenemund
KB3FXIcall w3satDavid Kleber
KB3GILcall w3satRoy Myers
KB3GXPcall w3satJohn Nemmer
KB3KWKcall w3satDan Hirschfield
KB3KWLcall w3satMike King
KB3LCDcall w3satMike Ward
KB3LGJcall w3satFran Brashier
KB3LJUcall w3satSteve Adomonis
KB3LPJcall w3satJason Harchick
KB3NWFcall w3satMarty
KB3NZQcall w3satMichael Himmelstein
KB3OKDcall w3satMarty
KB3OKEcall w3satDaniel Krszal
KB3USKcall w3satLois Jacobs
KB3USLcall w3satCarolyn Shuty
KB3USNcall w3satChristopher Blessing
KB3USOcall w3satJennifer Blessing
KB3USPcall w3satNorman Wellington
KB3USQcall w3satVictoria Brooks
N2DXIcall w3satBarry
N2UAJcall w3satEd shipe
N3BJAcall w3satDave
N3NSGcall w3satMike Tobias
N3WHcall w3satJoe Sciulli
N3XHWcall w3satLou Boetner
N3YNCcall w3satEd Zullo
N3ZABcall w3satDan Sylvester
N3ZNFcall w3satMartin Hoban
WA3MLPcall w3satPoncho Ramsey
WA3QKXcall w3satRich
WB3CEHcall w3satDon Varner

That completes the list. Were there any members that missed roll call or were not called, Please call now.


Very well, I will now open the net for additional check-ins. You do not have to be a member of SATERN or live in Allegheny county to check in. When you check in please give your call, name, location and state if you have any comments or questions. And, this is ( your call ) operating the SATERN net. I will take your check-ins now.

[pause] (take additional rounds of check-ins if desired)

Net stand by. Net recognizes. (list their call signs)

I will now close the SATERN net at [give time], and return this repeater back to general use. This is ( your call ) clear.